Advent, a time for liturgical renewal

What a busy time. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber-Monday. Creeping in quietly in this list, last Sunday – Ad te levávi – the beginning of the church year.

More than ever there is need for renewal – in our repentance for pushing God out of our lives and schedules. Especially, renewal in God’s mercy that we receive together with God’s people in the blessed Eucharist.

The first week of Advent is a plea for God to deliver us from our sins. We pray that He show us His ways and teach us His paths. As we approach the celebration of the blessed Incarnation of the Son of God we approach too our redemption. Our redemption is at hand. The Kingdom of God is at hand. Our salvation is nearer than when we believed.

Four weeks in Advent. Undoubtedly overshadowed by the Christ-Mass. Still, no reason to neglect now the words of the Lord nor His coming and nearness to us in the blessed sacrament, our daily sustenance.

This is a good time for renewal, a good time to step aside from the all the entertainment, especially in the Church, and, in preparation, receive the Lord’s mercy in the midst of His temple.

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