THE BRIDE OF CHRIST is a carefully edited journal published four times per year by Lutheran Liturgical Renewal, Inc., a non-profit society of evangelical catholics who have united to recall the Evangelical-Lutheran church to the position of the Reformers as stated in the Augsburg Confession, Article XXI, “There is nothing [in our confession] that varies from the Scriptures, from the Church Catholic, or from the Church of Rome as known from its writers.” Lutheran Liturgical Renewal, Inc. is dedicated to the production and distribution of materials that exhibit a catholic form of doctrine, liturgy and ministry. THE BRIDE OF CHRIST is committed to publishing articles, sermons and other contributions from a variety of viewpoints that encourage a catholic form of doctrine, liturgy and ministry.

Original unpublished manuscripts are welcomed. Manuscripts may be submitted on CD-RW (MS Word or ASCII format) to the address below or e-mailed to editor(at)bocjournal(dot)org:
Lutheran Liturgical Renewal, Inc.
420 W. Scott St.
Milwaukee, WI 53204
e-mail: editor(at)bocjournal(dot)org

The journal is currently being published as an online journal of no more than 12 pages in .pdf format.

The views, language and style of expression of individual articles and letters in THE BRIDE OF CHRIST are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Editorial Board or the Board of Directors of Lutheran Liturgical Renewal, Inc.